Dog-Training (english)

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For a great human/dog team, Kerstin Gilling (Dog Trainer)

Recall explanation

  • A recall should only be in an emergency
  • Your dog should always be close to you
  • A maximum radius of 10m is desirable. This is what I teach you!
  • A recall is uncompromising. It is important that the dog reacts immediately.
  • An increase in signals must be avoided. It must be worked fairly for the dog

Understanding the dog is very important in recall. He is a predator. This means that in hunting situations he is no longer able to hear us. The hormones shoot out and the ears are closed for unimportant noises. For this reason it is very important to do the radius training. A maximum distance of 10 metres between you and your dog is ideal. This way we are always able to see what is happening and bring the dog to us.

Signal word increases
We often tend to increase signals. We call our dog, the dog doesn’t come, so we get louder. This makes no sense to the dog. A signal should be built up in such a way that the dog knows that I am reacting to this signal. This is especially important for recall. Dangerous situations can always arise and the dog must then turn around on the spot and come to us.

Stay Training – stay with me and relax!

This is the basic training. It is about teaching your dog to relax and not worry about anything.
You and your dog will learn how good leash walking works and we will work towards not needing the leash.
Your dog will learn that he can fully rely on you. This way he will be relaxed even in difficult situations and will let you lead him well.
Particularly suitable for dogs who pull on the lead, get excited when they see other dogs, are unrelaxed in the city or wander too far when running free.
This training includes:
Stay Training – relax!
Leash walking – relaxed walking on the leash
Radio training – stay with me for 10 metres
Leadership – let me guide you

Puppy Training

You have a puppy and want to learn the basics? No problem!
We start with a training to relax and guide your dog.
Then come the basics:
Sit, down, leash walking and the small recall appropriate for puppies.

Especially with puppies it is important to train good basics from the beginning.
Puppies learn very quickly, the head is still „empty“ and the head can be filled with great basics.

Another good training is: watch my hand. Puppies learn that your hands have meaning and can indicate things.
Search games, sending ahead, intelligence training.

Aggression Training

Your dog reacts aggressively in some situations? He can hardly be spoken to and is in his own world?

This training requires a lot of tact.

Together we will find out why your dog reacts aggressively in these situations and work on it together.
A distinction must be made between fear, frustration, dominance/anger attitude.

This training is only possible in individual training. Every dog is different and every dog has different triggers.
I will come to your home and step by step we will create a training specially adapted for you.
The goal of the training is to work on the dog’s aggression and become a good human-dog team again!


Do you want to do something fun with your dog? With lots of fun and lots to learn?
To learn great tricks together with your dog?
Then Dogdance is just the thing for you!

All dogs love doing activities together with their owners. Dogdance teaches you tricks, clickers, timing and the body language of you and the dogs.

Working out tricks and then coming out of the training with a great result is a lot of fun.

We start with the basic tricks:
Paw, roll, jump through arms, turn, walk backwards and gradually click our way into the professional tricks.

Suitable for all dogs from 9 months.