GTC RCRasselbande (english)

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) RCRasselbande

The general terms and conditions listed here apply to use of our care offer for dogs and apply for all dogs who will stay in our boarding kennels. The dog owner agrees with the general terms listed here.

The dogs we look after spend their entire stay in fenced outdoor area. The dog owner is thereby aware of the possible risks and he explicitly declares to agree with this type of keeping and the risks involved ( for example possible outbreak).

The dog owner is hereby informed that his dog is on his own risk given into the care. This relates expressly to any disputes between his and other dogs under care and any resulting
consequences of injury.
Illness or injury all efforts without consideration of the costs, done by a veterinarian. The resulting costs are in taken over in full by the dog owner.

Generally, only dogs are accepted, which have all mandatory vaccinations in the vaccination certificate and are registered with a chip.
Special features, e.g. medical supplies are possible if the dog owner specify them before the dog is accepted. A dog with a disease who needs special care, has to be expressly announced by the dog owner.
„RCRasselbande – Cuidador de Perros“ assumes no liability for sick dogs and their consequences.
The dog owner will be notified immediately if his dog health or mental disorders occur or he
shows habituation problems that exceed the usual level.
The dog owner expressly obligated to inform over character, physical or mental disorders as well as suspicion of illness of the dog.

The dog owner is aware that no female dogs in heat are allowed. Should the dog owner have given a female dog in heat for care and hiding this, he will be responsible for the consequences that occur (Coverage of the dog during the care period). The resulting costs will be take over by the dog owner.

„RCRasselbande – Cuidador de Perros“ reserves the right to the dog owner to invoice property damage caused by the dog.
The dog owner is obligated to compensate for any damage caused by his dog during the care period on the „RCRasselbande – Cuidador de Perros ”.
„RCRasselbande – Cuidador de Perros“ excludes any liability on compensation.
„RCRasselbande – Cuidador de Perros“ reserves the right to take pictures of the dog groups or individual animals and publish them on the home page or social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc. ) and the dog owner agrees if he does not explicitly object against it.